Outdoor Backlit Letters

Outdoor backlit letters help customers locate your business quickly, it is an excellent start to making your business noticed by your ideal customers. Designed to weather harsh conditions, climate changes and high traffic, our high quality custom outdoor backlit letters will continue promoting you and your business for years.

Outdoor Backlit Letters Sample

Outdoor backlit letters
  • AC power is required for the outdoor backlit letters, need an electrical junction behind the wall or in the ceiling near the sign, the distance between the letters and the electrical juncition usually within 3 meters (118").
  • Need to drill holes on the backing wall for the stud bolts and cables, we will provide the 1:1 layour template to show you the holes position.
  • We will provide the AC transformer of the outdoor backlit letters, which is best installed in a weak current box with heat dissipation holes to help the AC transformer to dissipate heat and increase the service life of the transformer.
  • We suggest hiring professional installer to install the letters, we will provide the wiring diagram and installation notice, so the letters could be installed correctly and quickly.
  • We use the 304 stainless steel for the metal letters shell by default, if your area is near the sea, then we will use the 316 stainless steel to build the letters shell, which is marine grade and need not to worry about the rust problem.
  • If it is be used outdoor and there are frequent heavy rains in the area, we will use the IP67 LED and add water leakage holes at the bottom of letters shell then do anti-light leakage treatment.

Outdoor backlit letters advantages

Based on research, roughly 60% of businesses reported that changing the design or enhancing the visibility of their signage had a positive impact on sales, number of transactions and profits, with an average increase of about 10%. And nearly 76% of consumers said they had entered a store or business they had never visited before based simply on its letters. 3D letters shell with dramatic halo lighting effect, makes the letters seems “floating” on the wall, very beautiful and eye-caughting, the outdoor backlit letters can make your business be stand out.

  • Bright, providing high visibility 24/7
  • Attracts more attention than non-lit letters
  • Delivers excellent readability, even in dark or poorly lit locations

3D backlit letters options

Luxury backlit metal letters

Luxury backlit metal letters
Letters Shell: 3D fabricated metal letters shell, 304 stainless steel by defautl. The finish could be mirror polished, brushed, painted/powder coated in color or plated.
Acrylic back-panel: CNC engraved acrylic back-panel, parts in the letters shell and some part is visible from outside.
Installation: Need not off the backing wall.
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Classic backlit metal letters

Classic backlit metal letters
Letters Shell: 3D fabricated metal letters shell, 304 stainless steel by defautl. The finish could be mirror polished, brushed, painted/powder coated in color or plated
Acrylic back-panel: Laser cutting opal acrylic back-panel, in the letters shell and invisible from outside, used to make the lighting uniform.
Installation: Must off the backing wall.
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Backlit acrylic letters

Letters Shell: Painted/powder coated CNC engraved solid acrylic letters shell.
Acrylic back-panel: CNC engraved acrylic back-panel, parts in the letters shell and some part is visible from outside.
Installation: Need not off the backing wall.
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Outdoor backlit letters FAQ

How to determine the right outdoor backlit letters size?

In our experience, there is a roughly proportional relationship between the height of the outdoor backlit letters and the best visible distances , generally 10 to 12 times. For example, a 10 inches outdoor backlit letters can be distinguished well from a distance of about 100 inches to 120 inches. So choose a fittest visible distances based on your request, then you will know how height your letters should be.

What's the best fonts for outdoor backlit letters?

In fact for us, we care more about the minimum stroke width than the fonts. We need the minimum width of the strokes reach 10mm(0.39"), else we will have not enough space to place the LED in the letters shell, and if it is too small we even can not produce the 3D letters shell.
As long as the above requirements are met, in fact you can choose the font you need according to your personal preferences.
If you prioritize readability, then sans serif fonts that are thick like Helvetica or Arial will maximize your outdoor backlit letters' visibility. Many contemporary and modern backlit letters are designed to be highly visible.
If you need your letters have some special style, then you can see the scrip fonts, cursive fonts, thin, decorative font styles, and serif-style fonts, though they might difficult to read or see from a distance, they have rich style.
BTW, the spacing of outdoor backlit letters is crucial for readability. Designers call the spacing as "kerning". Too big or too close kerning all will create visibility issues.

Should I choose the customize outdoor backlit letters?

What we always recommend is to have customized outdoor backlit letters. In this way, you will have the chance to adjust the font type and size to ensure the letters you mount are the ones that customers admire year after year. Only the customize letters is really fit you, from the fonts, size, finishes, to lighting color, our high quality custom outdoor backlit letters will be a part of your business or home well.

Do you have the UL certification?

Yes, we have the UL certification, and if you will use the outdoor backlit letters in USA, we will add the UL labels on the letters shell.

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Our signs products are all customized, different detail would cause different cost. The more detail you can provide, the more exact price we will provide.


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More Backlit Letters Sample

Backlit Sign Letters

Backlit sign letters are used by clients who want an impactful and classy look for their signage, strong 3D effect with amazing halo effect. Our backlit letters are all customized, the fonts, dimensions, letters finish, lighting color, even the installation method are all can be customized according to customer requirements.


Here you will know our workflow well

  1. 1: Contact with us

    Contact with us or fill our free quote form, we will arrange one of sales follow your quote and jobs

  2. 2: Initial design

    we can provide initial design service include the fonts, dimensions and signs option suggestion

  3. 3: Free quotation

    Based on your request and the design file, we will give you the exact cost

  4. 4: Order confirmation

    Please print our quotation file, signature it and send us the scanned file

  5. 5: Deposit payment

    Please finish the deposit payment, then show us the bank slip etc. so that our accounting can confirm it

  6. 6: Drawing design

    We will detail the design file of your signs, then we will send the file to you to show you all the details

  7. 7: Begin production

    When we get your confirmation of the detail design file, we will begin the production mediately

  8. 8: Lighting test

    Your signs will be lighted 24 hours when we finish the production, so that most issue could be fix

  9. 9: Final products

    We will take photos for your signage to show you the final products effect

  10. 10: Balance payment

    When you confirm the products, please send us the balance payment, then show us the bank slip etc. so that our accounting can confirm it

  11. 11: Shipping

    We will call the delivery company to pick up your signage products and give you the waybill number so that you can track it

  12. 12: After sale

    We provide one year free replacement to non-human damaged signs

Custom backlit letters

A high quality custom backlit letters provide a unique and eye-catching approach to any signage concept. The LED be placed in the 3d letter shell as the light source by default, the light comes from behind the letters shell via the acrylic back-panel, which creates a very impressive and professional business appearance. It is very popular, the amazing halo effect will make your signs are prestigious and high-end image. The signs are individual and 3D, the sophisticated halo lighting effect guarantees your sign will be visible and attractive to passersby both day and night.

Why choosing us?

We do custom made backlit letters professional

  • Experience

    With over 15 years of successful experience and knowledge in produce signs, we do know how to produce signs well for the world.

  • Price

    Orders directly from manufacturers to reduce intermediate expenditure. Buy high-quality custom signs with more reasonable price.

  • Quality

    We provide you with high quality signs produced by our experienced technicians using advanced machine and high quality raw materials.

  • Lead Time

    Depending on the type and quantity of ordered signage products, we generally need about 15 business days to complete the signs production.

  • Accessories

    Provided with 1:1 layout template, stud bolts, nuts, installation diagram and other installation accessories per the needs of the customers.

  • Warranty

    Provided free one year non-human damage limited warranty, and also provides 2-5 years limited warranty policy with enrollment fees.

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